Gentle suction drainage. With the very low but still active pressure, it is well suited for tissue-sensitive areas. Less risk of contamination compared to using a passive drain Ref 1. Recommended to be used together with our silicone drains.

Abdovac Set

Surgical Procedures
- Abdominal surgery

In comparison to passive drains, Abdovac gives a more controlled and reliable drainage.

Complete set

Bulb, drainage bag and catheter, with or without trocar. The set is sterile and ready to use.

Max suction pressure

25 mmHg – 3,3 kPa


Bulb 110 ml
Bag 700 ml

Ref No           Product
68413  3x10  Abdovac™Set FG 10
68414  3x10  Abdovac™Set FG 14
68415  3x10  Abdovac™Set FG 18
68416  3x10  Abdovac™Set FG 10 with trocar
68417  3x10  Abdovac™Set FG 14 with trocar
68418  3x10  Abdovac™Set FG 18 with trocar

Ref. 1. Aktiv kontra passiv drenasje ved laparotomier (Active versus passive drainage in laparotomies), Olsen Arild K, Tidskr. nor Legeforen, no 31, 108: 2865

Animated User Instructions Abdovac™